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Read about Verixy, how did I start and why did I start. Why do I strive to become the to-go hosting company? And what seperates us from the rest?

I started Verixy because there simply was a lack of hosting companies that were honest with their customers. They either didn't have fair prices and if they did the customer support was really bad. As a paying customer I find it very important that you get what you pay for. Money can be spent with ease but it will take longer to make it back. So every investment matters. If you're going to pay for something, do it at the right company. This is what I want Verixy to be. The perfect company for all your webhosting needs.


I was once a customer too, I've tried multiple hosting companies but they we're lacking either good customer support or they we're way to expensive.


Quick but good support, Quality above Quantity and growing in knowledge and experience. A company that loves to see its customers build their dreams.


Our mission is to make sure to provide everything our customer needs to grow their business or make their dreams become reality.

We help your dreams become reality!

We will help you achieve what you want, everything starts with a good website and for that you need good and reliable webhosting. Get started within a few minutes, install your preferred web application with Installatron. Do you need help? No problem at all! Our support is quick and cuts right to the problem so that you won't be stuck for too long.

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